Price List

  • Consultations:
  • Treatments:
  • Testing:

Initial Consultation $200

Follow Up Consultation 45min  $150

Follow Up Consultation 30min  $100

Follow Up Consultation 15min  $50

House Call $220


Acupuncture 30min $100

Acupuncture 45min $150

Cupping 30min $100

Cupping 45min $150

Laser 15min $50

Laser 30min $100

Boost IV Drip $170

Energy IV Drip $225

Immune IV Drip $280

Radiance IV Drip $250

Gut Glow IV Drip $225

Build IV Drip $225

High C IV Drip $190

Glutathione Infusion $160

Vitamin B12 Injection $25

Vitamin D Injection $30

Lipotrophic (Fat Burning) Injection $30


Food Sensitivity $275-$380

Healthy Living Assessment $100

Enhanced Healthy Living Assessment $180

Nutrient Panel $200

Thyroid Panel $90

Autoimmune Panel $90

Female Hormone Panel $100

Female Fertility Panel $175

Men’s Health Panel $110

Full or Partial coverage through most private health insurance plans (we offer direct billing)

We can provide billing through HCAI (OCF-18) for MVA

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Patient focused integrative health care. Utilizing effective natural approaches designed to be used alone or to compliment conventional medical care.


Address: 225 Duncan Mill Road Toronto, Ontario M3B3K9

Clinic: 416-490-8243

Fax: 416-490-9961

Mon-Sat 10am-3pm

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